"AK-47" Aaron Abbott
"The Ironman" Rob Conway
J B Kidd
"Tailor Made" Roger Malcolm
"The Wildthing" Chuck McRoberts
"The Revolver" Ryan Roswell
"Sweet" William Valentine
Seth Gein
"The Architect of Torment" Angus Barnett
"Custom Made" Eric Draven
"Big Time" Josh Lewis
Marksman Fudd
"Pure Evil" Nic Noble
"Superbeast" Rob Royale
Clyde the Ladykiller
"The Beverly Hills Butcher" Tommy Cash
"The Face of Supreme" Leon Elliot
Lillie Lockhart
"Wild 'n Free" Tommy Jack McGee
"Unbreakable" Chet Rippley
"Playboy" Mike Trusty
Cleetus the Ladykiller

Tag Teams

Big 'n Tasty
The Ladykillers
Custom Made
Beauty and the Beast
The Young Guns


Mortimer Blankenship III
Jenna Storm

Spiritual Advisor

"Devious" Darrin O'Neal

Officials and Other Supreme Staff

Supreme Owner: Jeremy Bevins
Senior Official: Alexander Smith
Ring Announcer and Play by Play: Jason Cohen
Referee: Carlos Sanchez