Supreme Wrestling

Supreme Arena

Madison, Indiana


*Bradley Prescott the Fourth pinned "Too Cruel" T.J. Kemp

*"Custom Made" Eric Draven pinned Ladykiller Clyde

*"Wild 'n Free" Tommy Jack McGee defeated JB Kid w/ Marksman Fudd and Jenna Storm

*Marksman Fudd w/ JB Kid and Jenna Storm pinned Petey Young

*Super Goldsmith defeated "Vivacious" Van Martigan w/ "Devious" Darrin O'Neil when the referee reversed her decision

*"The Rainmaker" Nic Noble w/ Darrin O'Neil pinned Prince Crush

*Leon Elliot defeated "Amazing" Aaron Abbott by disqualification when Eric Draven interferred

*"Unbreakable" Chet Rippley and Leon Elliot defeated Aaron Abbott and Eric Draven