AWA Supreme

2018 King of Supreme

*Non Tournament Match: "Vivacious" Van Martigan defeated "Charming" Chet Ripley w/ Mortimer Blankenship III, "The Hollywood Giant" Tommy Cash w/ "Real Deal" Darrin O'Neil, Mason Alexander w/ The Coach, and "Superbeast" Rob Royale in a 5 Way Scramble Elimination Match. Van receives a future AWA Supreme Heavyweight Championship match for his victory.

Tournament Matches

*First Round*

*"The VIP" Nic Noble pinned Chet Ripley w/ Mortimer Blankenship III

*"Big Time" Josh Lewis pinned AWA United States Champion "The Ironman" Rob Conway in both a tournament match and to win the championship

*"One Man Militia" Johnny Justice pinned Josh Lewis to win his spot in the tournament

*J Mo Jesse Morris pinned Super Goldsmith

*Yukon Mike and Rob Royale battled to a double countout, eliminating both from the tournament

*"Seductive" Cyrus O'Shea pinned Mortimer Blankenship III

*"Boston's Baddest" Angus Barnett w/ Darrin O'Neil pinned "Wildthing" Chuck McRoberts

*"Custom Made" Eric Draven pinned Van Martigan

*"King of Supreme" Leon Elliot pinned "The Human Action Figure" Ali Shabazz

*Second Round*

*Angus Barnett defeated Johnny Justice by countout

*Nic Noble pinned Cyrus O'Shea w/ Mortimer Blankenship III

*Eric Draven pinned Leon Elliot

*Jesse Morris receives a bye into the third round due to the double countout in the first round

*Third Round*

*Jesse Morris pinned Nic Noble

*Eric Draven pinned Angus Barnett


*Jesse Morris pinned Eric Draven to become the 2018 King of Supreme

AWA Supreme


*"Big Time" Josh Lewis defeated The Shadow and Black Dragon in a handicap match

*"Vivacious" Van Martigan pinned "Wildthing" Chuck McRoberts

*"Charming" Chet Ripley w/ Mortimer Blankenship III defeated "Boston's Baddest" Angus Barnett w/ "Real Deal" Darrin O'Neil, "Custom Made" Eric Draven, and Super Goldsmith in a fatal four way match

*AWA Mid America Heavyweight Champion "The VIP" Nic Noble defeated "The Hollywood Giant" Tommy Cash w/ Darrin O'Neil by disqualification when Angus Barnett and Leon Elliot interfered

*"King of Supreme" Leon Elliot pinned "Tailor Made" Roger Malcolm