AWA Supreme, formerly NWA Supreme, is a family friendly professional wrestling organization that has provided great quality wrestling action throughout the Southern Indiana area for the past 20 years . Located at 2520 Lanier Drive in Madison Indiana, 47250,AWA Supreme has weekly shows every Saturday night. The doors open at 6:30 P.M.with a 7:30 Bell time. Tickets are only $7 dollars for these weekly events. We also film for the weekly Youtube show, AWA Supreme Last Word! Along with our weekly events, we often have events on Fridays at various locations. Stay tuned to this site for updates on these events as well as our Facebook page.


AWA Supreme Next Level

Inn May, AWA Supreme will hold their biggest show ever, called AWA Supreme Next Level, each week, new matches will be introduced. Already announced, "Vivacious" Van Martigan takes on son of the legendary "Loose Cannon" himself, Brian Pillman Jr.!!! Also, "Charming" Chet Ripley faces off against Justin D'Air, "One Man Militia" Johnny Justice takes on Simon Dean, Leon Elliot takes on Hy Zaya, "Big Time" Josh Lewis faces off with "The Ironman" Rob Conway, The East and West Express take on "Superbeast" Rob Royale and "Superstar" Bill Dundee, Chuck McRoberts faces AWA Mid America Heavyweight Champion Eric Draven for the title, and AWA Supreme Heavyweight champion Jason Kincaid defends against Yukon Mike.

AWA Supreme Fire This Friday Night!

AWA Supreme presents a benefit show for the Ryker's Ridge Volunteer Fire Department this Friday night. Announced for this huge show, Leon Elliot takes on "One Man Militia" Johnny Justice and "Custom Made" Eric Draven defends the AWA Mid America Heavyweight Championship against Tommy Jack McGee. Draven is collecting signatures to get McGee's claw hold banned. Keep up with us on Facebook to see if he gets enough signatures to convince AWA Supreme owner Jeremy Bevins.
Draven Escapes with the Title

This past weekend, "Custom Made" Eric Draven defended his title twice, lost both matches, yet still managed to keep the title! In the first match, he defended his title against "Wild 'n Free" Tommy Jack McGee. After McGee locked in his claw hold, Draven managed to get outside the ring, with the hold still applied. Tommy fought valiantly to bring Draven back into the ring, however the referee reached the twenty count, awarding the match to McGee, with Draven keeping the title since it cannot change hands on a countout. Draven was then forced to defend his title a second time, however under special circumstances. There would be a one hour time limit, however if the challenger did not win the match in ten minutes, the title would no longer be on the line. To counteract this, it was decided that if Draven were counted out or disqualified, he would lose the title. The challenger was long time nemesis Jimmie Owens making his AWA Supreme return. Owens did defeat Draven, however it was 11:20 into the match, so he also did not capture the title.

2017 AWA Supreme Year End Awards!

*Feud of the Year: Dudes with Tudes vs Morty's Man Candy

*Match of the Year: 2017 Surviving the Steel

*Manager of the Year: Mortimer Blankenship III

*Tag Team of the Year: Custom Made

*Rookie of the Year: "Seductive" Cyrus O'Shea

*Most Hated Wrestler of the Year: "Boston's Baddest" Angus Barnett

*Most Popular Wrestler of the Year: "Custom Made" Eric Draven

*Wrestler of the Year: "Tailor Made" Roger Malcolm

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